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Environmental Consulting

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AVIV AMCG leads our clients, small or large, to creative, innovative environmental solutions

As a leader in environmental consulting, we plan and manage complex projects in environmental sustainability. Our Environment team are experts in the fields of water resource management, engineering, ecology, and environmental planning. They bring to the table vast experience in management and operations, enabling clients of virtually any size to implement key environmental management processes – without losing their competitive edge.

Together with its partners, AVIV AMCG run the Ran Bitton forum for environmental planning manages. The forum is a professional platform for managers in the fields to stay on top of innovations in the environmental fields, sharing insights on new environmental technologies and regulatory trends, both local and global.

AVIV AMCG provides industrial factories, governmental agencies and the public sector innovative solutions in environmental fields: waste management, air quality control, environmental surveys, green architecture, statutory planning, urban planning, mapping and geo-information – and more.

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