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Management Consulting

We bring a proven track record of strategic breakthroughs to the table, resulting from a focused goal-driven process.

Project Management

Managing projects end-to-end requires advanced methodologies and expertise regarding the clients’ work environments. Together with our engineering know-how, we provide our clients customized solutions, based on optimal resource usage.

Project Planning

AVIV AMCG offers comprehensive project planning solutions, providing end-to-end support throughout the project and a one stop shopping for our client’s needs throughout a spectrum of expertise, including engineering, architectural and environmental.


Aviv amcgprovide industrial factories, governmental agencies and the public sector innovative solutions in various environmental fields: waste management; air-quality control; environmental surveys; green architecture; statutory planning; urban planning; mapping and geo-information–and more.

We see the whole picture

Having accrued experience over thousands of projects,
we know how to connect the dots-we see the whole picture.

We accompany organizations and help them promote their vision

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