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Population growth and the increasing strain on the earth’s resources are the drivers of the rapid growth of AVIV’s Infrastructure and Environment business unit, founded to cope with the demand for sustainable business practice and resource management.

As both government and business seek to incorporate values of sustainability into their activities, AVIV uses the most advanced tools available to manage complex infrastructure projects in a professional, efficient and sustainable way.

Consultants use a multi-disciplined approach to provide clients with comprehensive solutions for ever-changing and specialist demands relating to energy, water and waste.

Activities can be divided into five key areas of practice:

Infrastructure Division – providing services in the area of sustainable construction, environmental auditing
(compliance and legislation).

Planning Division – supporting the preparation of Environmental Impact Surveys and the statutory consultations required for public bodies and private enterprise,statutory planning (geographic surveys for the urban environment), land assessment for the location of industrial or commercial land, waste management and environmental assessment for infrastructure projects.

Water and Environment Division – covering both engineering and policy requirements with an emphasis on complying with regulatory issues such as emission and wastewater standards. Water efficiency and saving are managed by a specialist team of environmental economists, landscape architects and resource management experts.

Engineering Division – providing project management support for the civil engineering and infrastructure sectors. Using advanced tools and methodologies adopted from the semiconductor industry.

Semiconductor Division – characterized by lengthy project cycles, the methodologies needed for semiconductor programs are similar to large complex infrastructure projects. These include construction and management,
schedule control, characterization and process control measurement.


The Infrastructure and Environment business unit has clients from a wide range of sectors, including government ministries and companies, local authorities, and leading industrial corporations working across large and complex regional projects.